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Complete your CRM solution!
DataPlus for e-automate & QuoteWerks
Security | Performance | Global View

e-automate integrates with QuoteWerks
What does it do?
Requires Server Component

e-automate to QuoteWerks

  • Syncs e-automate contacts with QuoteWerks
  • Syncs e-automate vendors with QuoteWerks
  • Syncs e-automate inventory items with QuoteWerks and associates item with vendor

QuoteWerks to e-automate
After QuotesWerks quote is complete

  • QuoteWerks quote is pushed to e-automate
  • If items do not exist in e-automate, it can create the item
  • Records the quote ID in QuoteWerks after push
What can you see?
Requires Server Component

When creating a quote in QuoteWerks

  • You can choose e-automate contact in QuoteWerks Contact list
  • You can choose e-automate item in product list

When pushing quote to e-automate from QuoteWerks

  • Bill to contact
  • Ship to contact
  • Sales representative
  • Shipping method
  • Line items and identified if exists in e-automate
How does it work?
Requires Server Component


  • Map Vendor and item to QuoteWerks for creation of item in e-automate
  • Enable e-automate contacts to sync with QuoteWerks


  • Create the quote in QuoteWerks
  • Simply push the quote to e-automate quote