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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Bridge gaps between your different software programs.
EAI, enables data to flow from one program to another, and provides interfaces to manage the data flow.
DataPlus is the engine that steers your EAI.

Information Sharing

DataPlus integration: Ensures that information in multiple systems is kept consistent.

DataPlus enables EAI to manage the flow of information between separate software programs within a company, as well as from outside the company's own computer systems.

Consolidate data collection efforts, eliminate the redundancies of having each application collect and store data for its own purposes. Using DataPlus integration creates a single point of access to data

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Process Automation

EAI can streamline processes that include data or activity from multiple software applications.

EAI is the "unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise". - Gardner Group

DataPlus accomplishes this process, providing information flow to and from multiple applications.

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Reduced IT Complexity

Do you find it difficult to use new technology effectively.

The learning curve is often steep, and a new application may not work well with the systems already in place.

EAI overcomes these roadblocks to smooth business process.

DataPlus combines the information and functionality of several applications into a single, easy-to-use interface.

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Increased Agility

One of the highest business benefits of EAI is that it allows you to recognize and respond to opportunities more quickly.

DataPlus will provide better connectivity options, more reliable/scalable integration solutions and increases your organization's agility

EAI can help you address shifts in the market, supply chain disruptions and more - all from a single interface using DataPlus.

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