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PROGRAM: dpCompanyAccess - Client Installation

Table of Contents
What you need prior to installation?
dpCompanyAccess Installer
  1. Downloaded installer "dpCompanyAccess-install.exe" file from your "Client Portal or location provided.
  2. Remember where you downloaded the file
  3. Browse to the location you downloaded "dpCompanyAccess-install.exe"
What you need for installation?
dpCompanyAccess Installer
  1. "dpCompanyAccess-install.exe"
dpCompanyAccess Installation
dpCompanyAccess Setup
    Load Installer
  1. Double click 'setup.exe'
dpCompanyAccess Setup
    Welcome Screen
  1. Click on Next >
dpCompanyAccess Setup
    License Agreement
  1. If you agree, click on "Agree"
  2. Click on Next >
dpCompanyAccess Setup
  1. Choose the folder in which to install dpCompanyAccess
  2. Click on Next >
dpCompanyAccess Setup
    Confirm Installaion
  1. Click on Next >
dpCompanyAccess Setup
    Installation Complete
  1. Click on Close
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