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Table of Contents
Act Installation / Configuration
Act Synchronization
Act Users
Act Opportunities
Act Groups
Act Office Integration
Supported Versions
  1.  Supported Versions of Microsoft® Office by Version of Act!
Microsoft Word
  1.  How do I perform a mail merge in Act! Premium Cloud?
  2.  How to install and configure Microsoft Word integration for Act! Premium (access via web)

  3. Errors
  4.  When trying to edit a template I receive the Error: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word._Application'."
  5.  Error: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word._Application'..." when attempting to merge to Microsoft Word
  6.  Error: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'Redemption.SafeMailItemClass' " when attempting to perform a mail merge
  7.  Mail Merge in Sage ACT! Premium (access via web) Prompts for Microsoft Word Integration to be Installed Each Time When Accessing Through Internet Explorer 64-Bit
Microsoft Outlook
  1.  How do I use Microsoft Outlook as my email client with Act! Premium Cloud?
  2.  How to set the Act! address book as the default address book in Microsoft Outlook
  3.  How do I change the default email address that Microsoft Outlook opens with when sending to an Act! Contact?
  4.  What processes are used for Microsoft Outlook history recording?
  5.  How to prevent e-mails from recording history to user records in Act!
  6.  Can I merge data from Act! to the subject line of an email?
  7.  Microsoft Exchange compatibility with Act! v20.1 and later
  8.  How to enable trace logging for Microsoft Outlook integration in Act!
  9. Attach to Act Contacts Progress
  10.  What is the Attach To Act! Contacts Progress window?
  11. Scroll down to "Clearing the icon from the Windows system tray."
  12.  How to use Quick Attach to attach Microsoft Outlook emails to Contacts in Act!

  13. Errors
  14.  Outlook® is Missing as an Option in the ACT! E-mail Setup
  15.  Act! icons missing from Microsoft Outlook toolbar when using Act! 20.1 or later
  16.  Act! Addin becomes inactive after restarting Outlook 2013 and later
  17.  Microsoft Outlook email history does not record when using Outlook 64-bit after upgrading from Act! v18 to a newer version of Act!
  18.  No history created or recorded in Act! v20.1 and later when sending e-mail from Microsoft Outlook 2013 and later
  19.  "RPC Server not available." When attempting to send an e-mail using Microsoft Outlook
  20.  No history created or recorded in Act! versions 2011 (v13) through v20.0 when sending e-mail from Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later
Act Video Library
Act System Requirements
Activation & Versions
Administrative Tasks & Repair Functions
Act Backup / Restore
Act Import & Export Data
Act Import Export
  1.  How to import contacts via comma delimited (CSV) file into Act! Premium (access via web) or Act! Premium Cloud
  2.  How can I import contacts into my Act! Premium Cloud database?
  3.  Do you have a template of fields I can use when importing data from Microsoft Excel to Act!?
  4.  How can I automatically assign contacts to a Group or Company as soon as they’re imported into the database?
  5.  Can I import a Microsoft Excel document into Act! Premium (access via web)?
  6.  How to Import a Multi-User Database and Retain the Record Manager in ACT!
  7.  How to import a vCard into Act!
  8.  How To Import Outlook Contact Notes Into ACT!
  9.  Can I import Opportunities from Microsoft Excel in to Act!?
  10. It is not possible to import Opportunities from Excel in to Act! however Hogan Data can assist in providing this function.
  11.  How do I export database users from one database to another?
  12.  What types of data can I export from Act!?
  13.  How to export data from Act! to Microsoft Excel
  14.  How To Export and Import Drop-down Lists for ACT! Fields
  15.  How To Export Group or Company Members
  16.  How do I export data from one Act! database to another
  17.  How to Export Your Opportunity list to a Microsoft® Excel® Spreadsheet with a Pivot Chart and Pivot Table
  18. Error / Troubleshoot
  19.  I am attempting to import data from Microsoft Excel and the import option is grayed out
  20.  Error: "Line 1 cannot parsed using current delimiters" when importing from Microsoft Excel CSV
  21.  Unable to export Task List to Microsoft Excel if there are Timeless Activities in the list and the End Time column is showing in Act! Premium (access via web)
  22.  Error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when importing from Microsoft Excel
  23.  Error: “Access to the path C:\ProgramData\Swiftpage ACT! LLC\[Act! version]ImportCSV.txt is denied” when trying to import Microsoft Excel or Text Delimited File into an Act! database
  24.  Error: “Object reference not set to an Instance of an object” when attempting to import a text delimited file
  25.  Importing Companies into a database from Microsoft Excel or another Act! database causes Linked Contacts to automatically update
  26.  How to Read the Import Logs in Sage ACT! 2012 (and later versions)
Act Connect
Act Insights
Act Premium Web
Act Premium Cloud Hosted by Swiftpage
General Error Messages
Act Growth Suite & Marketing Automation
Act Growth Suite
  1.  What is Act Growth Suite?
  2.  What is the Act! Growth Suite Getting Started Menu found in Trial Accounts?
  3.  What are the Act! Marketing Automation feature differences between the Growth Suite Tiers?
Act Marketing Automation
  1.  What is Act! Marketing Automation
  2.  Getting Started with Act! Marketing Automation
  3.  What is required to start using Act! Marketing Automation
  4.  Email Authentication for Act! Marketing Automation
  5.  How do I update the company details in my Act! Marketing Automation footer?
  6.  How can I edit the message that appears when clicking 'Unsubscribe'?
  7.  How can I remove contacts from my Act! Marketing Automation suppression list?
  8.  How do I allow my database users to use Act! Marketing Automation?
  9.  What exceptions do I need to whitelist for Act! Marketing Automation?
  10.  What is the Act! Marketing Automation Campaign Calendar?

  11. Templates
  12.  How to create and edit templates in Act! Marketing Automation
  13.  How can I import an HTML template into Act! Marketing Automation?
  14.  How to use the Drag & Drop template editor in Act! Marketing Automation
  15.  How to change the default font for a Drag & Drop template in Act! Marketing Automation
  16.  How to use the File Manager for a Drag & Drop template in Act! Marketing Automation
  17.  How to add, edit, and remove images in a Drag & Drop template in Act! Marketing Automation
  18.  How do I add a mail merge field into my Act! emarketing template?

  19. Campaigns
  20.  How to send marketing emails in Act! Marketing Automation
  21.  How does the Specific Date/Time feature work in Drip Marketing campaigns in Act! Marketing Automation?
  22.  What is the Act! Marketing Automation Campaign Calendar?
  23.  When should I run a List Simulation in Act! Marketing Automation?

  24. Landing Pages
  25.  Landing Pages in Act! Marketing Automation

  26. Assets
  27.  What are Assets in Act! Marketing Automation?
  28.  How to create and manage Assets in Act! Marketing Automation
  29.  How to change the look and feel of an Asset Page
  30.  How to add a Lead Form to an Asset in Act! Marketing Automation
  31.  How to view Asset analytics in Act! Marketing Automation
  32.  How to receive notifications when someone interacts with an Asset item

  33. Help Videos
  34.  Act! Video Training Library: Overview
  35.  Act! Video Training Library: Templates
  36.  Act! Video Training Library: Drip Marketing
  37.  Act! Video Training Library: Assets
  38.  Act! Video Training Library: Landing Pages
  39.  Act! Video Training Library: Recorded Webinars

  40. Errors
  41. Two Possible Reasons for Group drop-down list empty in Act! Marketing Automation
  42.  Why have I received an 'Over Email Sending Limit' message when activating my Act! Marketing Automation campaign?
  43.  Error: "Invalid JWT Token" when accessing Act! Marketing Automation
  44. Marketing Automation Screen is blank
  45. Error known by Act but is not posted anywhere in their Knowledge Base
    Close Act. In services.msc, restart "Act Web API Host" service. Reopen Act.
Microsoft Office
  1.  Supported Versions of Microsoft® Office by Version of Act!
  1.  Act! icons missing from Microsoft Outlook toolbar when using Act! 20.1 or later
  2.  How to use Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client in Act! versions 2011 and higher
  3.  Act! Addin becomes inactive after restarting Outlook 2013 and later
  4.  ACT! Outlook Add-in does not stay enabled after restarting Microsoft Outlook
  5.  How to stop Act! creating activities when accepting an Outlook invitation?
  6. Errors
  7.  Troubleshooting Outlook® Integration History Queue Processing Using Error Handling
  8.  Error: "Act.Outlook.Service has stopped working" appears intermittently even when not using Act!
  9.  Error: "Act! has stopped working" when attempting to launch Act! after upgrading from Act! v17 to a newer version
  10. Outook email invitations not creating Act v21.1 activity when configured.
    It is a known issue since Act v21.1 was released. There is no KB relating with error.
    The Act development team has been working on it since Act v21.1 was released.
  1.  Act! prompts for installation of Microsoft Word integration after already installing it
  2.  Not receiving prompt to record history after printing a merged Microsoft Word document
  3. Errors
  4.  Error: "Unable to cast COM object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.ApplicationClass' to interface type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word._Application'..." when attempting to merge to Microsoft Word
  1.  How to export data from Act! to Microsoft Excel
  2.  Export to Excel option is grayed out in Act!
  3.  Exporting to Microsoft Excel hangs
  4. Errors
  5.  Error: "Line 1 cannot parsed using current delimiters" when importing from Microsoft Excel CSV
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