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PROGRAM: DataPlus QuickBooks - Harvester Configuratioin

Table of Contents
QuickBooks Harvester
Start QuickBooks Harvester
  1. Click on Start/All Programs/Hogan Data/dpQuickBooks/QuickBooks Harvester
  2. Processing Options
  3. unCheck Skip Date Check
  4. Note: New data in enties will sync based on last sync date. You can check Skip Date Check if you want to perform full import.
  5. unCheck Sync Mode
  6. Enter 30 Timeout (seconds)
  7. Note: Timeout can be adjusted if you have a very large database and connection to QuickBooks is timeing out.
  8. unCheck Allow Table Creation
  9. Note: When checked QBTables in DataPlus SQL database are created or recreated.
    Environment Configuration
  10. unCheck Details Logging
  11. unCheck Lob Debugs
  12. unCheck Suppress Warnings
  13. Note: If Harvesting issues are present, checking logs will facilitate discovery of problems.
Start QuickBooks Harvester
    Entity Selection
    All Entities
  1. Choose All Entities
  2. Note: This will sync all QuickBooks entities to the DataPlus SQL database (dpQuickBooks).
    Note: Current list of available enties. Child enties are also encluded. e.g. Invoice / Invoice Line Items
Start QuickBooks Harvester
    Entity Selection
    Ad Hock Entities
  1. Choose Ad Hock Entities
  2. Note: This will sync selected QuickBooks entities to the DataPlus SQL database (dpQuickBooks).
    Note: Current list of available enties. Child enties are also encluded. e.g. Invoice / Invoice Line Items
  3. Check Customer
  4. Check Customer Type
  5. Check Estimate
  6. Check Invoice

  7. Sample
  8. Click on All
  9. Checks all entities then you can uncheck entities you do not want to sync
  10. Click on None
  11. No entities checked, then you can check entities you do want to sync
  12. Click on Opposite
  13. Entities checked will be unchecked and enties unchecked will be checked.
Start QuickBooks Harvester
    Connection Overides
  2. Remote Port 3790
  3. Company File C:\path\to company file.qbw
  4. Note: The purpose of "Connection Override" is to change the default configuration of Harvester. This would allow you to Harvest different QuickBooks company files.
  5. Click on All Entities or Ad Hoc Entities
Start QuickBooks Harvester
    Command Line
  1. As you modify/customize the sections, tags will be added to the command line, reflecting your changes.
  2. You can save the command line by clicking on Copy To Clipboard
  3. Saved command line can be copied by clicking on Copy To Clipboard
  4. Once the customization is complete, then you can start the Harvester
  5. Click on Start Harvest
  6. Are you sure you want to start the harvest now?
  7. Click Yes
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